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Alternate Ending part 2

Sharon White
English 263
Essay: Interviewing the Vampire

Throughout this semester, we have read a numerous amount of books that were interesting and the whole concept made a lot of sense once the semester went on, but this book really made me think about it once I finished reading it. One thing that this book made me think about was , the grass is not always green on the other side meaning that, Louis finally realized that a vampire was not were what he want at all. As this semester come to a close I look at books in a whole different light. I do have to say the books you choose to get your point across this semester was genius. What I mean by that is each book has a special meaning. I was sure how this book was going to end like all the other which included killing of the vampire, or having the interviewer being the vampires next victim. However, to my surprise the book had a very different ending as I had predicted when I read the first thirty or so page. As I began to read the book, “Interview with a the Vampire” by Anne Rice, I was not as interested in the book as most people most likely were. What really got my attention while reading the novel was the setting of where the story of the interviewee started, which was in New Orleans, Louisiana during the period of slavery. The author, Anne Rice goes into details of things associated with New Orleans which included the music, the diversity and the swamps. What really drew my attention on Louis, the vampire that is telling his story to, “The Boy” his recollection on his past before and after his vampire days. Louis describes in detail of his brother's death and how everyone blamed him for it. The whole story was focus on Louis and his life experiences. I really like the given autobiography of Louis and his background information before going into the actual story of what is happening now in this novel, which at this point I am hooked and wants to read the rest of the book. Louis in the story, meets a man named Lestat that is the one to blame for Louis's immortality.
As I read, (page21), Louis described how if felt when he was turned into a vampire:
I saw nothing but the light when I drew blood. Then the next thing was sound. A dull roar at first and then a pounding, like the pounding of a drum, growing louder and louder, as if a enormous creature were coming up one slowly through a dark and alien forest, pounding as he came, a huge drum.
Louis was describing the transformation from human to vampire. This is also where Lestat, become the focus point and dominant person in Louis life. The way that the author describes the making of Louis is that he was reborn. As I continued to read the story I see that Louis was just an impressionable man, but as the book goes not he finally became a man, but learned to think for himself. The main character Louis, seems to have experienced a lot as a child and that is another reason I choose this book to write an alternate ending because it gives off a different side of the story that hasn't been told and it comes from your own imagination.
My alternate ending was about the Boy waking up and realizing that he was, by mistake turned into a vampire by Louis when Louis attacked him. On this realization, he finds out that Louis is going to look for Armand back in Europe and the Boy plans to find him to get answers. When he gets to the ship deck, he meets a guy named Timmiy and they talk and 'befriend' each other. Once in a room together and alone, they Boy kills Timmiy for his one-way ticket to Britain and gets on the ship waiting for the journey ahead of him.
What I tried to accomplish with this creative project to utilized my writing skills yet show that there are different ways that a story can be told just using your imagination in a way that would make sense and connect to the story instead of having something that doesn't fit in and makes no sense what so ever. Making a alternate ending for the story was a very good idea for me because I got to have my saying in how the story goes and show off some of my reactivity and writing skills.
Even though I believe I did a really good job, I am concerned with the length of my alternate ending. My alternate ending is only about a page long. My alternate ending is a page long because I don't want to go into another dramatic scene. I want to go into a “spot” where it leaves the reader hanging and wanting to go buy the next book in the series instead of telling what happens like the Boy going to Europe and finds Louis and lives happily ever after. I feel that it doesn't seem right to end off a book like that when you want to have another book after it. One good example of this is the famous Harry Potter Series. I am a fan of Harry Potter. At the end of book 1, the Chamber of Secrets, they didn't end the book with Harry, Hermione, and Ron finally killing Voldemort. They didn't do this because they wanted to keep selling books and more sequels than just that first book, so they ended with him as usual going back home for the summer to the Dursley's and until the next adventure (book) farewell. I feel that the Harry Potter series was a perfect example of what I am trying to point out. So I am concerned yet satisfied with the length of my alternate ending.
Even though I am concerned with the paper, I also enjoyed righting my paper and using my creativity to come up with something that fits the story boundaries and is somewhat enjoyable to read. The best part of doing the alternate ending was the brainstorming part and putting piece by piece together. When I first started my alternate ending, I got out a piece of paper and started brainstorming. After coming up with a plausible ending, I went to type. I like my story because it gives an insight on what could have happened if he, the Boy, actually woke up and realized that he was a vampire and set off to find Louis for answers to his many probing questions. I believe that my plot for my ending was well thought out because I took about a week or so working on my actual plot before typing anything on the computer. I thought of many ways it could go. I could have the Boy be turned into a vampire by accident and have Louis and Lestat fighting then the Boy jumps in and helps Lestat because Louis hated him, or that The Boy went looking for Lestat and begged Lestat to turn him into a vampire then have Lestat acting like he was and kill the Boy for his own usage of blood supply. However, I decided to go with my 3rd choice of the Boy becoming a vampire going on a European journey in hopes of finding Louis so the Boy would have a immortal companionship like the relationship Lestat and Louis once shared.
I decided to do “Interview with a Vampire” by Anne Rice instead of the other books we read because “Interview with a Vampire” seemed like the fun one to do, having the drama that happens in the story, the traveling and the interviewing that is happening throughout the story and the overall plot of the story. I also chose this book because this was the book that I was less familiar with other than the novel we read called “Carmilla”. This book creates a picture in my mind that a two people are in a dark room, one with the usual reporter outfit with paper, a pen or pencil with the tape recording somewhere near and a odd, creepy looking vampire speaking softly sitting in a chair telling his story in a dim lit room. To me, a story can easily be told by the settings of the story.

Alternate ending Part 1

Alternate ending
Starting in the middle of Page 339

Opening his eyes, he feels a weird yet cool sweep over him as he glared into the sun. He takes a moment to wipe off his head yet he notices that his hand is sparkling like diamonds. For a moment, he lays there dazed and confused. Louis said that he wasn't going to be turned into a vampire but here is his own skin gleaming in the light. Quickly, he stands on his feet and close the dusty, torn curtain to block the light's view inside.
          He stood and thought. Why did his skin glimmer, where is Louis and how do I find him. Finally, he places his mouth on his teeth and feel the sharpness of his canines. Realizing what he was, he immediately goes to go his tape recorder that he left on after that violent attack. Replaying the recording, he hears mumbles barely able to tell apart.
          “Need to find...Armand...Europe....Maybe in Theatre des Vampires.”
          Louis! The first person he needs to talk to about becoming a vampire. Maybe them two can pair up together and rule the world. Wait, no that can't happen. The first thing I need to do is contact Louis and get in touch with him, the Boy thought.
          “Well, looks like I'm going to the Theatre des Vampires!” the boy announced as if he were in front of an audience.
          Scribbling down this address, he tries to find a coat or something for cover. In the cupboards of the building, he finds a long coat and a cowboy hat. With this, he is off into the daytime, on his way to the ship deck and to get something to eat because his stomach was rumbling really bad.
          On his way to the ship deck, he stops at a McDonald's and orders himself a hamburger. Eating this hamburger however didn't fill his need for food.
          Parking his car on the side of the road, he sits there and think. What do I need? Why am I so hungry?...
          Finally, he pulls off and heads to the ship deck with an idea in mind.
          “Excuse me, but when is the next ship leaving to England” The boy asked a man in line waiting for a one-way ticket to Britain.
          “Umm... in about an hour or two, but I'm getting my tickets now so i'll be able rest and get a good seat” said the man who's name was Timmiy.
          They both talked yet, the Boy didn't get his ticket. Once in a final room, together and alone they sit on the bed and talked fifteen minutes before the ship leaves.
          “Aren't you going to get your ticket because by the looks of it, they are almost already sold out? ” asked Timmiy
          “Don't need one...because you have it” the boy said finally taking off his hat and revealing himself.
          Quickly, the Boy attacked Timmiy using the same techniques as Louis used on him. The quenching thirst and hunger suddenly ended when the blood was finally wiped off of his face.
          Coming out with his ticket in hand, overstuffed, and having back on his hat, he gave his ticket and got on the boat to find a good spot.
          “Next stop, Britain” the Boy mumbled under his breath as he stood and looked over the blue horizon only to see a challenge coming ahead of him.

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My Final Project

I have decided that because of the time that I was given, doing a alternate ending or a facebook page, I have decided to drop the facebook page and would rather focus more into the alternate ending that I will post tomorrow.  The reason I dropped the facebook page was because I was clueless on what to add on a facebook page (because I am never on it) so I decided to drop it, sorry for late notice.


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My reflection on the Semester

 For my last blog, I am going to talk about the course overall, how I felt about using this course via blogger instead of the original and regular D2L site. I will also talk about my three favorite novels throughout this course. This course has changed the way I thought about normal and common simple stories such as Dracula, Interview with a vampire, and the novel of I am Legend.

This is my first course using blogger. My previous knowledge of blogger was at its minimum point because the only way I knew blogger existed was because of advertisements that I would get on my Yahoo Mail account. However, this course has shown me the basics of using blogger and now my resources have been risen because now I actually took the time to figure out how exactly everything worked on blogger. I think that this course is better because personally, I don't like the D2L. Yet, I like how this class took a different perspective on how to complete work using different resources that are available.

During our course, we have read many novels including: Dracula, Interview with a “vampire” “Carmilla”, “I am Legend” and many more. However, my favorite book of this course was “Interview with a vampire” by Anne Rice. I picked this book out of all the novels that we have read in this course because I like the story that came along with the story. “The Boy” is giving an interview to a vampire named “Louis” who has a heck of a story to tell. I say that I liked the format because it's in a interview form and yet not. It is also very organized and has a well thought out plot that makes it a really good book. The stunning surprise at the end made me like the story because I never thought that “The Boy” would go out looking to be turned into a vampire. I like stories that through you off, and you did not see what was coming. I was shock by the end.

My second favorite book was the novel “I am Legend” by Richard Matheson. I like this novel because it gives off a story that has a meaning behind it. Once you break it down into parts, it doesn't really talk about vampires invading the man named Neville but keeping him pure. Deciphering this story , it tells that this story really isn't about vampires. Its about discrimination about people being impure and at this time (1800's) it would most likely be African Americans and this story would be a good usage of propaganda towards abolitionist during that time. This book has also take me how people view people of color. “I am Legend” is one of those stories that make you truly describes the author views. Mr. Richard Matheson keep the audience interested.

My third favorite book was “Carmilla.” I like “Carmilla” because of this stories creepiness. One thing that this story has is suspense and I like suspense because it keeps you guessing until the very end and usually has a dramatic end. In this story, they finally kill off Carmilla, yet the make it very dramatic. To kill her, they staked her, burned her, etc. just to kill her and to make sure that she doesn't come back alive.

Overall, this was a really fun class and course to take. I enjoyed this course a lot because I didn't have to go on the D2L site every time I wanted to do some homework or to check something simple as the professor's email address. This was my first experience using blogger and I am proud to say that I have learned something new from this course. One thing that I learned in this course is to analyze things that may seem certain yet has a certain meaning to it. Literature in my eyes have changed and that is why I liked this class so much. I think that I have really learned a lot of things to assist me in my journey in being a writer.

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Let the right one in : the ending

 For this blog, I am going to talk about the Novel “Let the right one in” by ending part of the story. This weeks assignment was to read the rest of the novel and to read the essay “Childhood's End: Let the Right One in and Other Deaths of Innocence” by John Calhoun. First, I am going to have a review of the story, the ending part of the story, then collaborating on the Essay “Childhood's End: Let the Right One in and Other Deaths of Innocence”.

This story is about a twelve year old boy named Oskar who is constantly bullied.
He had put his hand up in class, a declaration of existence, a claim that he knew something. And that was forbidden to him. They could give a number of reasons for why they had to torment him; he was too fat, too ugly, too disgusting. But the real problem was simply that he existed, and every reminder of his existence was a crime.
They were probably going to “baptize” him. Shove his head into the toilet bowl and flush. Regardless of what they invented, it was always such a relieve when it was over. So why couldn't he just pull back the lock, that was in any case going to tear off the hinges at any moment, and let them have their fun?
...And Oskar squealed like a pig. That was part of it. If he squealed they would sometimes leave it at that. He put extra effort into it this time, afraid they would otherwise force his hand out of this pants in the process if punishing him and uncover his disgusting secret.” page 10-11

Oskar in the process, meets a girl named Eli who seems like a strange 5 year old girl to Oskar and turns out to be a nearly 200-year old Vampire who has a “assistant” named Hakan. Hakan is a 45 year old man who does Eli's deeds by killing people for blood and things of that sort in exchange for money. The problem with Hakan is that he is a pedophile and wants to get intimate with Eli in exchange for deeds without pay.

Last week, we read parts one and two and now we have finished the book. In the rest of the story. Hakan once again fails to return blood and has gave himself up to be eaten by Eli,-as as we now know who was a boy but switched to a girl, only to become a vampire himself. Oskar and Eli become more close and finally share their first kiss together only having Oskar to become “Hazed” by this kiss. Hakan gets killed and Eli helps Oskar from drowning by his bullies, kills his bullies and Eli and Oskar run away and live happily ever after.

At the end of the novel, the police officer investigating the murder of two boys and the disappearance of another boys describes Eli as “an angel, yet hardly one from heaven”. I believe that Eli is an angel in its own category. Eli has helped Oskar get out of this life that consists of bullying, name calling, etc. yet the way of solution is killing somebody. Even though she has done good she has done bad which gives here a name of “an angel” yet “hardly one from heaven. I would describe Eli as a helpful, and “Gothic” type person. I say “Gothic” because she gives off the hint of not wanting to be bothered during the day but I think that this is because she is a vampire and has to sleep through the day. Yet when wanted, Eli can be a very cool and exotic “young” girl.

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Let the right one in

            For this blog, I am going to talk about the Novel “Let the right one in” by John Ajvide Lindqvist. This blog, we read pages part one and two of the novel. I will talk about the author John Ajvide Lindqvist, what happens so far in the story and my predictions of what is going to happen in the future/latter part of the novel.

            John Ajvide Lindqvist was born December 2nd, 1968 in Blackeberg. John Lindqvist is a Swedish writer. He wrote his first story called “Let the right one in” which is actually the book that we are reading right now. He has wrote many horror novels and short stories. John writes most of his books in Swedish and is currently forty two years old and on December 2nd, he will be forty three years old.

            The novel “Let the right one in” is about a 12 year old boy named Oskar. Oskar has been bullied to death by his fellow classmates. Two good examples are 1) when the policeman came:

Oskar's chest felt like it was about to burst. He knew the answer to the question. It hurt him not to say anything when he knew. He wanted the policeman to look at him. Look at him and tell him he was right. He knew it was a dumb thing to do, but he still put his hand up
Yes?” “It's heroin, isn't it?” “In fact it is.” The policeman looked kindly at him. “How did you know?”
Heads turned in his direction curious as to what he was going to say. The policeman nodded.
...Oskar didn't feel the need to say anything else. He had been looked at and spoken to. Had even been able to tell the cop he read a lot. That was more than he had hoped for.
He let himself sink into a daydream. How the policeman came up to him after class and was interested in him, sat down next to him. Then he would tell him everything. And the policeman would understand. He would stroke his hair and tell him he was alright; would hold him and say...
**cking snitch” Jonny Forsberg drove a hard finger into his side.” pg. 8

            This shows that Oskar likes attention most likely and because 2) he has serious problems with embarrassment. A prime example of this is:

Yup, he had pissed in his pants again. He rinsed it under that tap, squeezing out as much water as possible.
Incontinence. That was what it as called. He had read about it in a pamphlet that he had sneaked from the drugstore. Mostly something old women suffered from. And me
There were prescriptions medicines you could get, it said in the pamphlet, but he did not intend to use his allowance so he could humiliate himself at the prescription counter. And he would definitely not tell his mother; she would fell so sorry for him it would make him sick. He had the Pissball and it worked for him.” pg. 9

           Oskar's life is pretty messed up once we get deeper into the story. Haken is a different story. Haken is a pedophile which to me is disgusting. He takes care of a 200-year old in a kids body vampire who Oskar befriends with. To get Eli blood, he looks and searches for people who are physically active yet older adults in exchange for money. Haken is very “into” Eli. Unlike Eli, Haken is a human being, yet plans to become a vampire when he dies. Eli and Oskar start to become really close after Oskar finds out that she is a vampire.  I predict that Eli and Oskar are going to become enemies because they have a strong friendship that seems like if it takes a wrong turn things will go bad really fast.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Final project proposal

For my final project, I am going create a face book page for the Story of "Interview with the Vampire, by Anne Rice.  This face book page will consist of characters, places, etc. from this novel , I am also going to create an alternate ending for the novel.