Thursday, September 2, 2010

First Assignment

Hello and good evening to all,

            My name is Sharon. I am also a returning student and is majoring in finance.  I am so excited to see another semester and I think that this semester is truly interesting even though I am not truly that into vampires.  I was really shocked when I saw the reading material for this class, yet I hope that the settings in the story are in different areas of the United States and the world because the geographical areas of the world interest me.  I would also like to say that I am native to Mississippi. I will be pleased to work with you all this semester on this course.

Three things I like to do:

  1. I love to write because I dream of being an author!
  2. I  like to read and my favorite author is Terry McMillan.
  3. I  love to exercise.
Three of my favorite foods:
  1. My first favorite food is Trail Mix Granola.
  2. My second favorite food is Speghetti.
  3. My third favorite food is roasted turkey.
Three of my Favorite countries:
  1. France.  I like France because of the Eiffel Tower that is located in Paris because it is a peice of artwork in my eyes.
  2. Mexico.  I like mexico because I like the language spanish. I like how spanish let you roll your tongue.
  3. China.  I like china because over 1 billion people live in china.  That's interesting and to even add more to that, China isn't even the biggest country geographical wise.  The biggest country is Russia!
The reason that I joined this course is because I am a reader and I love a good book and I think that these series of books will be interesting to me.  One of the reasons that I joined this class is because one of my favorite hobbies is reading.  To me, reading is like an adventure nothing is more interesting than a good book.  A good book can tell fiction, facts and even someone's life story.  Books can bring different things to your life and that is why I chose this class.


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  1. Hello,

    During 'Wuthering Heights', there are many types of personalities that can be depicted by the characters social status which back in the 19th century in England would be described in three classes. Those classes are lower class, middle class and upper class and for this blog I am going to be talking about different personalities that are shown in the story so far.

    When we first meet Healthcliff we see him as a bitter and atrocious man. He was considered to be(before returning Wuthering heights) in the lower class. Healthcliff was brought into the Earnshaw family as an orphan and lived in the Wuthering Heights estate which at the time was owned by the Earnshaw family. Yet when Hindley Earnshaw died (Healthcliff's step-brother), Healthcliff inherited the estate because of the loans he gave to Hindley and ended up not being able to pay him back. As of now in the book Healthcliff is very vengeful because not a while after he moved back into Wuthering Heights Catherine died after giving birth to Healthcliff's son, Linton.

    When we get into further detail of Wuthering Heights we get to meet people that either live there or comes there. One that caught my eye was Joseph. Joseph comes of to me as a type of person who keeps to himself, mutters, very stubborn and obsessively religious. One of the problems that I had while reading the book was actually understanding what Joseph was saying because I don't usually see that everyday.

    On the other hand, When we meet Catherine Earnshaw, we see her as a person who worries about money and statuses and back then it did not matter for love because what mattered was where you were in the community and by how much money you had.

    “You may see some: and he (Mr. Edgar) won't always be handsome and young, and may not always be rich.”

    “He is now; and I have only to do with the present. I wish you would speak rationally.” (Wuthering Heights, pg 73)

    By Catherine saying this it says that she cares more about riches than the actual love of a person. Her own heart tells her that she loves Healthcliff but his riches are low because his social status is deemed as lower class and Catherine goes ahead and marries Edgar instead of Healthcliff.