Monday, December 20, 2010

Alternate ending Part 1

Alternate ending
Starting in the middle of Page 339

Opening his eyes, he feels a weird yet cool sweep over him as he glared into the sun. He takes a moment to wipe off his head yet he notices that his hand is sparkling like diamonds. For a moment, he lays there dazed and confused. Louis said that he wasn't going to be turned into a vampire but here is his own skin gleaming in the light. Quickly, he stands on his feet and close the dusty, torn curtain to block the light's view inside.
          He stood and thought. Why did his skin glimmer, where is Louis and how do I find him. Finally, he places his mouth on his teeth and feel the sharpness of his canines. Realizing what he was, he immediately goes to go his tape recorder that he left on after that violent attack. Replaying the recording, he hears mumbles barely able to tell apart.
          “Need to find...Armand...Europe....Maybe in Theatre des Vampires.”
          Louis! The first person he needs to talk to about becoming a vampire. Maybe them two can pair up together and rule the world. Wait, no that can't happen. The first thing I need to do is contact Louis and get in touch with him, the Boy thought.
          “Well, looks like I'm going to the Theatre des Vampires!” the boy announced as if he were in front of an audience.
          Scribbling down this address, he tries to find a coat or something for cover. In the cupboards of the building, he finds a long coat and a cowboy hat. With this, he is off into the daytime, on his way to the ship deck and to get something to eat because his stomach was rumbling really bad.
          On his way to the ship deck, he stops at a McDonald's and orders himself a hamburger. Eating this hamburger however didn't fill his need for food.
          Parking his car on the side of the road, he sits there and think. What do I need? Why am I so hungry?...
          Finally, he pulls off and heads to the ship deck with an idea in mind.
          “Excuse me, but when is the next ship leaving to England” The boy asked a man in line waiting for a one-way ticket to Britain.
          “Umm... in about an hour or two, but I'm getting my tickets now so i'll be able rest and get a good seat” said the man who's name was Timmiy.
          They both talked yet, the Boy didn't get his ticket. Once in a final room, together and alone they sit on the bed and talked fifteen minutes before the ship leaves.
          “Aren't you going to get your ticket because by the looks of it, they are almost already sold out? ” asked Timmiy
          “Don't need one...because you have it” the boy said finally taking off his hat and revealing himself.
          Quickly, the Boy attacked Timmiy using the same techniques as Louis used on him. The quenching thirst and hunger suddenly ended when the blood was finally wiped off of his face.
          Coming out with his ticket in hand, overstuffed, and having back on his hat, he gave his ticket and got on the boat to find a good spot.
          “Next stop, Britain” the Boy mumbled under his breath as he stood and looked over the blue horizon only to see a challenge coming ahead of him.

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