Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Let the right one in : the ending

 For this blog, I am going to talk about the Novel “Let the right one in” by ending part of the story. This weeks assignment was to read the rest of the novel and to read the essay “Childhood's End: Let the Right One in and Other Deaths of Innocence” by John Calhoun. First, I am going to have a review of the story, the ending part of the story, then collaborating on the Essay “Childhood's End: Let the Right One in and Other Deaths of Innocence”.

This story is about a twelve year old boy named Oskar who is constantly bullied.
He had put his hand up in class, a declaration of existence, a claim that he knew something. And that was forbidden to him. They could give a number of reasons for why they had to torment him; he was too fat, too ugly, too disgusting. But the real problem was simply that he existed, and every reminder of his existence was a crime.
They were probably going to “baptize” him. Shove his head into the toilet bowl and flush. Regardless of what they invented, it was always such a relieve when it was over. So why couldn't he just pull back the lock, that was in any case going to tear off the hinges at any moment, and let them have their fun?
...And Oskar squealed like a pig. That was part of it. If he squealed they would sometimes leave it at that. He put extra effort into it this time, afraid they would otherwise force his hand out of this pants in the process if punishing him and uncover his disgusting secret.” page 10-11

Oskar in the process, meets a girl named Eli who seems like a strange 5 year old girl to Oskar and turns out to be a nearly 200-year old Vampire who has a “assistant” named Hakan. Hakan is a 45 year old man who does Eli's deeds by killing people for blood and things of that sort in exchange for money. The problem with Hakan is that he is a pedophile and wants to get intimate with Eli in exchange for deeds without pay.

Last week, we read parts one and two and now we have finished the book. In the rest of the story. Hakan once again fails to return blood and has gave himself up to be eaten by Eli,-as as we now know who was a boy but switched to a girl, only to become a vampire himself. Oskar and Eli become more close and finally share their first kiss together only having Oskar to become “Hazed” by this kiss. Hakan gets killed and Eli helps Oskar from drowning by his bullies, kills his bullies and Eli and Oskar run away and live happily ever after.

At the end of the novel, the police officer investigating the murder of two boys and the disappearance of another boys describes Eli as “an angel, yet hardly one from heaven”. I believe that Eli is an angel in its own category. Eli has helped Oskar get out of this life that consists of bullying, name calling, etc. yet the way of solution is killing somebody. Even though she has done good she has done bad which gives here a name of “an angel” yet “hardly one from heaven. I would describe Eli as a helpful, and “Gothic” type person. I say “Gothic” because she gives off the hint of not wanting to be bothered during the day but I think that this is because she is a vampire and has to sleep through the day. Yet when wanted, Eli can be a very cool and exotic “young” girl.

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  1. I somewhat agree that Eli is kind of 'gothic'. She mostly keeps to herself but i think this is mostly because she is a vampire and doesn't want to get close to people because she will have the desire to kill them. She mostly keeps to herself and that's why her and Oskar get along so well. They are both very similar and i guess 'gothic' together.