Friday, December 17, 2010

My reflection on the Semester

 For my last blog, I am going to talk about the course overall, how I felt about using this course via blogger instead of the original and regular D2L site. I will also talk about my three favorite novels throughout this course. This course has changed the way I thought about normal and common simple stories such as Dracula, Interview with a vampire, and the novel of I am Legend.

This is my first course using blogger. My previous knowledge of blogger was at its minimum point because the only way I knew blogger existed was because of advertisements that I would get on my Yahoo Mail account. However, this course has shown me the basics of using blogger and now my resources have been risen because now I actually took the time to figure out how exactly everything worked on blogger. I think that this course is better because personally, I don't like the D2L. Yet, I like how this class took a different perspective on how to complete work using different resources that are available.

During our course, we have read many novels including: Dracula, Interview with a “vampire” “Carmilla”, “I am Legend” and many more. However, my favorite book of this course was “Interview with a vampire” by Anne Rice. I picked this book out of all the novels that we have read in this course because I like the story that came along with the story. “The Boy” is giving an interview to a vampire named “Louis” who has a heck of a story to tell. I say that I liked the format because it's in a interview form and yet not. It is also very organized and has a well thought out plot that makes it a really good book. The stunning surprise at the end made me like the story because I never thought that “The Boy” would go out looking to be turned into a vampire. I like stories that through you off, and you did not see what was coming. I was shock by the end.

My second favorite book was the novel “I am Legend” by Richard Matheson. I like this novel because it gives off a story that has a meaning behind it. Once you break it down into parts, it doesn't really talk about vampires invading the man named Neville but keeping him pure. Deciphering this story , it tells that this story really isn't about vampires. Its about discrimination about people being impure and at this time (1800's) it would most likely be African Americans and this story would be a good usage of propaganda towards abolitionist during that time. This book has also take me how people view people of color. “I am Legend” is one of those stories that make you truly describes the author views. Mr. Richard Matheson keep the audience interested.

My third favorite book was “Carmilla.” I like “Carmilla” because of this stories creepiness. One thing that this story has is suspense and I like suspense because it keeps you guessing until the very end and usually has a dramatic end. In this story, they finally kill off Carmilla, yet the make it very dramatic. To kill her, they staked her, burned her, etc. just to kill her and to make sure that she doesn't come back alive.

Overall, this was a really fun class and course to take. I enjoyed this course a lot because I didn't have to go on the D2L site every time I wanted to do some homework or to check something simple as the professor's email address. This was my first experience using blogger and I am proud to say that I have learned something new from this course. One thing that I learned in this course is to analyze things that may seem certain yet has a certain meaning to it. Literature in my eyes have changed and that is why I liked this class so much. I think that I have really learned a lot of things to assist me in my journey in being a writer.

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